We decided to spend a day at the exchange home last week to rest and relax. 

I made an impromptu Quiche from scratch for brunch.  The difficulty level is upped when you consider I can not read french. No comprende (yes, I DO know that is spanish). I just have to read the packages and recipes while mustering every ounce of Latin Studies from a rarely visited crevice of my brain. Thank goodness French is a romance language.  I have a little comprehension.  Upon Brian and Beatrice’s approval I was so proud of my regional culinary dish.  Bon appetite!

 We sipped wine while B played football. We played a little, too. It was fun – especially after a few glasses of Chardonnay.
 We took breaks from the game to discover each other and the fun of doing “nothing.”
 We laughed.
 We smiled.
 And, we pointed and played.  It was a fun day!