Twinkle, Twinkle Little Eiffel

The Eiffel Tour was beautiful at night.  A bit “touristy” but definitely worth the night. We ate food from the carney’s (piece ahhh and frenn fres) while we popped a bottle of bubbly. It was nice.


Printemps de la Mode. Ahhh, yes. Shopping at its finest. The store was founded in 1865 it has the largest beauty department in the world. It’s three buildings of shopping magic dedicated to french chic. It was the most luxiourous department store I have ever been to. It is more extreme than Sax in NYC and far above any store in Lenox in Atlanta.  It was a bustling river of multi-cultural artistocracy. If only I could have afforded the grey and flowy 845 euro sundress. I LOVED it!  We girls can dream, right?  

Moulen Rouge