This silly and well crafted tree stump pin cushion from My Imaginary Boyfriend, on Etsy makes me smile.  A Room Somewherepointed it out.   I just love it! The pin cushion and the shop name are stellar. Couldn’t we all use an imaginary boyfriend to bring breakfast in bed, take the dog for a walk, wash the clothes and leave little envelopes of shopping money on the desk?  Since he is imaginary, I would also like for him to be a culinary delight, a handy man, and a romantic. Yeah! What other traits should this guy have?  A pilots license and a small plane to pick Boo up from St. Simons, a fine baby sitter to keep the boys so Lea and I can have a night out, shop-a-holic tendencies for Lauren’s companionship, and a good bottle of wine for Linda and Allison! What else can we make Mister Imaginary do?