I am back. See, my secret handshake WAS good. We spent a relaxing weekend at the family beach shack. The island was nice yet terribly, horribly humid and hot. We did simple things. We frolicked in the surf and amid the breaking waves of an inward tide with Beatrice and Barry. We lounged. Hmm…what else?

Oh, I finished my book, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards. I love to finish books! I am not too into fiction but I picked this up at the Newark Airport in a hurry to find something quick. I started reading it then, but didn’t really become engrossed in the powerful and sad novel until the last week. Since then, it’s been on-like-donkey-kong. I could hardly put it down. About sorrow, secrets and regrets it’s very gripping as it explores love, pain, heartache, and redemption. I recommend it if you are up for a good read.Book Cover

We did a little shopping, too. Mama scored a new outfit plus one shirt. Hooray for me! I got to go on a walk/jog during the Georgia Game. Brian enjoys privacy during the game. I was able to see my sister and the cutest niece in the world. It was all great.

But, the best part of the weekend was a simple decision, the decision to buy a tomato from the island farmers market to top my sandwich. Wow. It was delicious. It is the best tomato I have had all summer. homegrown. juicy. delightful. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to buy four more on our way home. I have eaten tomato sandwiches ever since – tomato with American Cheese, tomato with feta, tomato with bacon. Ah, delicious.

All in all it was a terrific weekend.

Yummy Tomato Photo by annburlingham