Wow. I heard the most provoking news today.

Shocked? Of course, I am shocked even though it isn’t entirely unexpected. It’s strange. It’s weird. It’s odd to commit to a new voice. Munson IS the voice of the dawgs.

I am so sorry dawg fans.

From this day forward, Larry Munson will no longer be the voice on the microphone for the dawgs. After consulting his friends, family, and doctor he is retiring immediately. This is his FORTY THIRD season for the 86 year old, ya’ll. He has the best play by play in football.

Scott Howard, who has called Georgia road games in Munson’s absence, since last season, does alright. But, he’s not Munson. Eric Zeier does alright, too. But, he just not Munson. There is not another Munson.  

Larry said of UGA fans, “They have been so friendly especially during this most recent period of time. I feel I owe them so much more than I can give.” I hope he isn’t serious. He has given US so much.

The crisp air of fall, bustling leaves, apple cider and the sound of Larry Munson. That’s Georgia Livin’ for you. It did not matter where I was for the first 18 years of my life we heard this grasping voice on Saturdays (even on days we didn’t want to). My Dad lived for this voice. Even while watching Georgia Southern games at PaulsonStadium and even as a GSU season pass holder Munson was STILL on. Dad would carry a head phone radio. And, wear it. Do you remember those? It had an antennaand everything.  This love-of-munson was terribly embarressing for a teenager you can imagine.

I remember hearing Munson during Thanksgiving vacation. Family, friend, Pilgrams, turkeys and Munson. Man oh Man. If Dad could understand he would be devastated like the rest of us.

Another post by a dawg fan missing Larry’s Hunkering Down.