Happy Anniversary to me, and Brian. Four years ago today we were exchanging our vows in the pecan orchard of Fordham Farm. Realizing I don’t tell him how wonderful he is enough nor how much I love him enough, I do love, love, love him. We have experienced amazing things in the short years of our companionship.  I can’t imagine life with anyone more understanding, supportive, and loving.  

This red & pink Made By Girl Poster says it best. I am still deeply madly in love with hubbers. I hope and dream that our respect and romance continues until the end of our days.

Here are a few wedding pictures that I dug out of the drawer to share with you.

love the poster found at Absoulutely Beautiful Things

The First Dance was to Soul Shine

Tygart Family by you.

The Tygarts. This is the last time I think my whole entire (mom’s side of the) family was together. It was great!

Christy and Barry’s Big Day. Yes, we put a whole new twist on man’s best friend thing. 

 Disco Groom thanks to props from Chrissy!