On a lucky chance while baby sitting (the kids had gone to sleep), I saw the new Rock Star Free Credit Report Dot com Commercial. I have been wanting to see it for a while now. Finally, I am back among pop culture! It’s great. Eric Violette who co-talents throughout the series as a actor and singer offers another hilarious performance. Rock on, Free Credit Report Dot Com. I am still loving your commercials!


Rockstar Rap:
When you’re a rock star
You get to party hard
Champaign and caviar
Tricked out exocit cars
It’s just how I thought it would be
Except the party’s
Cause some punk opened a credit card With my I.D.
Free what?
Free credit report dot com
That’s the site i’m gonna hit
When I get home
They know how credit works
They send email alerts
Now i’m finding out
How bad reality hurts
Offer applies with enrollment
With Triple Advantage.

Do you want to see all the commercials? Here they are:

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