look mama. it’s the kiwanis ogeechee fair parade.

brian and i strolled beatrice to the parade this year. it was fun to have brian with us as it made us thankful he works in Statesboro. yay! it was also fun to see how much more interested beatrice was in the parade compared to last year. she loved it.

admittedly, it was sad too. when i think about parades i can not help but think of dad and how much he loves parades. i really need to emphasize LOVES parades. this will be the first year he is absent from the annual ogeechee fair kickoff event.

talking about the fair…there is something about the pancake house and my dad.  the smell of local cane syrup and him. those two things just go together. last year when the alzheimers was beginning to kick-it a little bit, i think he went to a few extra shifts. he was so excited. eagerly, he would show up early, leave late, and volunteer on random unassigned days. he would just show up. it’s great fun, tonight, to imagine him cleaning tables, picking up plates and socializing (mainly the latter). dressed in the club uniform of a bright gold shirt he shuffled about the patrons wiping a blotch of maple syrup here and a griddle crumb there. his bright royal blue kiwanis hat balanced upon his head while his dark blue lee jeans began to sag.

on nights like those it didn’t matter if he told the same story over and over, or repeated himself. there were too many people coming and going. at one time he knew almost every body. now, he recognized only a few. no one cared too much or noticed among the bustle of activity. he was, sort of, swallowed into the crowd. it was perfect. i imagine him having great fun with the droves of people that herd through this mecca of kiwanis fundraisers. content. peaceful. people watching. feeling appreciated, needed and like he had a job.  

okay, so back to the parade. maybe it isn’t such a bad thought after all. as i wish for him to be involved this year, great memories of yester year conger . great. great. memories. memories that make me smile.

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