friends are amazing. this morning i learned that a team has been organized in dads honor to walk in the local 2008 statesboro memory walk next saturday at bulloch academy. the team is called: the griner gang. it is humbling. it is touching. it brings tears to my eyes. as dad rests are the ogeechee area hospice facility here, there is a team of people prepared to walk on georgia/florida saturday in his honor, in our honor really. i don’t know what to say. thank you. my heart beats an extra thump of joy with this knowledge. as my family endures this season of our lives i must express my sincere gratitude for my community and my circle of friends. i love you all.

i am joining holly’s team as the teams goal is $500.00. if you would like to support us, please go here to our team page. i know money is tight for everyone right now so please don’t feel obliged to make large contributions, however even a dollar donation will help our team and help our cause and support dad. i can not tell you how much it means to me. thank you.