for this weeks music monday i chose, “stranger on the shore” by acker bilk. this song, originally called “jenny” after his daughter, is so delightful. i stumble upon the tune with each visit to kim’s blog. i have truely fallen in love with this song. so jump over to daisy cottage as the music will play automatically.  listen. see what you think. for me, it congers up dreams of home and of youth, a warm roast in mama’s oven, dirt roads, blue skys and sunshine. i feel like i am riding on a magic carpet with all of my favorite people passing all of my favorite things when i hear this song. i love the ride this piece navigates.  

if you are wondering about acker bilk, his parents tried to have him learn the piano but as a busy-boy he found it restricting. he loved playing soccer outside too much to enjoy the piano!  more, he lost two front teeth in a school fight and half a finger in a sledging accident (both of which he claims impacted his eventual clarinet style). He later learned the clarinet as an adult while serving in the British Army.  by the mid-1950s he played professionally.  boy am i thankful. i really like this song.

click on it and listen. let me know what it makes you think of.

happy music monday.

xoxo, christy