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after i voted in a one and a half hour long line at 7a this morning (argh!), brian breezed through the polls mid-morning in about forty five minutes. we did enjoy a little free swag. as promised, the first stop after my civic duty performance was starbucks for a free cup of coffee. yes, yes, YES!  and, brian scooped up a free chick-fil-a sandwich for lunch.

yes, it pays for the hulsey’s to vote on election day in the ‘boro.

and you know, whatever happens today, tuesday, november 3, 2008 promises to be one of change.  here is a print called Tuesdays Promise  by Jessica Rose.Tuesdays Promise- NEW

i think it is appropriate for today, a day that brings promise. promise of relief. promise for a brighter future.

happy election day, 2008.

oh, here is a picture (by palmetto scoop) from one of the statesboro polls this morning.Voters wait in long lines, rain in Statesboro, Ga. by PalmettoScoop. it is not our poll, but it indicates the length of the lines this morning. wait a minute. it IS our poll. weird. i totally saw this guy walk by and snap the picture with his camera.