i must admit it. it’s killing me. i want to know who big papa is. so, who IS big papa? i have heard it is a developer for atlanta’s “black hollywood.” have you been watching this bravo spin-off series? “the real housewives of atlanta” is so ghetto. i love it. it’s trash television at it’s finest. kim zolciak’s mysterious love interest aka big papa has not been revealed. according to kim, “he would buy me the world if he could.” the weird thing is that this dude is married with children. so, who is this dude who refuses to be seen in public with zolciak? hmm…something highly suspect is going on. i have heard rumers that the mystery man is a millionaire real estate mogul, lee najjar.  another rumor swirling around is that it is grammy-award winning country music producer, dallas austin, who has been working with zolciak on her album. a friend suggested it was gary coleman. despite the perfection in the hilarity of that match-up, i don’t think gary could fund kim’s lavish lifestyle. i think he was last seen on sweet 16 passing out invitations!

do YOU know who big papa is?