i had planned, and really hoped to go to the 4th Annual International Festival today. it sounds like fun as i have wanted to every year since it’s inception. “it is so much fun. you should go,” stephanie and bella used to always tell me. i have not attended the parade of countries yet. there are belly dancers and country-authentic food and music. oh, it sounds like so much fun. rather than fulfill my festival dreams, i am going to the coast with a few girlfriends. i am excited about the a opportunity to escape my ever-joyful-life-as-a-stay-at-home-mom-who-just-lost-her-dad-and-who-resides-with-a-toddler. oh yeah, baby. i have always wondered exactly where the “coast” that locals refer to is. now, i will answer my curiosity as i shope, have fun, relax, and eat. yay. it sounds like a delicious weekend.

for more information about statesboro’s international festival, click here.