where IS the coast?
i promised to answer the question, “where is the coast?.” in my case it was sunbury, georgia, which was delightful. i really liked the quaint area that is rich with heritage and history. sunbury, which was settled in 1757 was once the second busiest port in georgia. although, i admit you have trouble imagining this now. the area includes fort morris originally used to protect georgians from the british (it changed hands several times between america and england). ironically, our group of mates included one great britain -a little too perfect considering the area’s history. there was one restaurant: sunbury crab company. and, one modest public dock. the view was spectacular. of course, the deep water of the intercoastal waterway is magnificant from any angle. i love it. sunbury was no different. the area was unpretentious and low maintanence. it was sheer relaxation. it isn’t a place for wining and dining, caviar or bordeaux. but it is just the right place for a great escape, a lot of r&r, bare feet, and old fashion fun. i loved it. i loved “the coast.”
*photo by venomphotography