Set Of 3 Red Medallion Wooden Glitter Star Ornaments

okay. everything is simply getting too perfect around here. first of all this blog referenced moon beams & day dreams. i am so humbled because i LOVE apartment therapy. it is a deliciously spunky blog.  if you have a moment to grab a taste, you should click over for a quick savor of this webblog. seriously, it will melt in your mouth it is so good. and there is even more fantastic news. rachel said, “yes.” rachel is going to help me with our christmas cards. yes. yes. yes!

so, despite the depressing realization that my father is no longer among us (and that his birthday is this week), that pregnancy is dreadfully establishing itself upon my body, and that while we are embarking on our first year of business in an un”bear”able housing market our budgeting plan for baby #2 is terribly sketchy – alas, there is good news.

i am so glad and so thankful. thank you rachel and thank you apartment therapy. the stars are finally in my court. it is about time they started lining up.

*medallian wooden glitter star ornaments by blondheart on etsy