From November 2008

And, the blue ribbon goes to…The Nutcracker.

This fairy-tale ballet is one of my all time favorite Christmas traditions. Hearing the music, reading the book, or seeing the play magically whisps the audience right to Christmas. When I learned our neighbor, the dancing queen, was performing in the Statesboro Youth Nutcracker Ballet I knew it was time to introduce Beatrice to the holiday fun. After much deliberation and consideration, I decided to take her to the Friday Matinee for School Children.  This abbreviated performance only included the half hour “sweets” scene. More, the audience was composed of classes of children so I knew Beatrice would not be the only movement and murmer in the theatre. And, the tickets were only 5.00.  Given these details, it seemed like a no brain-er. I made the reservations and we attended. I am so glad. It was so much fun to take her!

Upon the entrance of all the schools of children Beatrice was completely in aw. She moved out of my lap into the seat beside me, where I positioned my (new) pocket book to weight her seat from sandwiching her little body.

She wanted to be just like the children surrounding her. At the moment the toddler felt like she was ten. I could tell.

She was completely mesmerized by the dramatic lighting, music, dance, and costumes of the play. She loved it. Having seen this Russian ballet in several arenas including professional and amateur performances. I must admit this is my favorite venue. The small theatre and local performers of the Averitt Center production was outstanding.

My only disappointment was that the cherubs (including our neighbor Sophie) were not in this scene.
I was really impressed as I am glad to have found another ballet buddy. Brian will be delighted that he no longer has to be lugged to watch this ballet every year.