i hope that my earlier post on our attempt to have a more-meaningful christmas made sense. i must explain that we are not trying to have a cost-free season. in fact, handmade gifts and well intentioned purchases cost equal or more than mass produced or mass promoted options. our goal is to glitter the festivities with love and substance in effort to appreciate our relationships and intangiable valuables – whether it cost a more or a less.  

so far, the experience has been great. brian stayed home from work and beatrice went to granny’s yesterday so that we could work on gifts. it was so much fun to spend time with “just him” doing, well frankly, anything. it was especially nice to initiate a project and make presents with him.

the first gift we have given was at tonight’s kindermusik christmas party ornament exchange. it is a simple, traditional, plain white ornament. kindermusik fall 2008 with a music note was painted on the front and back as red & white polka dots were spruced about the adornment (you can see it here). it was really fun to see the reaction on the people when they opened it. more, it felt really good to make something myself.