One of the most cleverly-themed parties we have been to is a Christmas Pajama Party Play date hosted by H & J. The kids decorated homemade cookies, watched Rudolph, drank warm apple cider and hot cocoa, and played until their hearts content. Oh, and the Moms and Kids wore Christmas P.J.’s. I thought it was ingenious and adorable compared to the simple-free-fall type playdates that I typically host. “Wow, what a creative Mama,” I thought. Azure, you are awesome!

I have two regrets one is that B was not in better humor. With three teeth coming in she was cranky so we departed a little early.  The other is the night gown from Bellies and Babies faded. Oddly, the color evaporated in the places that were most used like the bottem and the sleeves. Perhaps, dulling is normal but not the first wear of the season. It had not even been washed.

Despite my puny annoyances of the day if you are looking for a cute theme for a kid’s play date, this is it.