††Admittedly, I have mixed emotions about the following announcement. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus is coming to Savannah Civic Center Jan. 29 – Feb. 1. Frankly, I am a bit embarrassed and ashamed by my excitement. After realizing the unusual treatment animals undergo to perform laughable and batty performances, I have sworn off circus’ even the cream of the crop, even†the “greatest show on earth.” I promised that I would never support such cruelty by taking my children to see a circus. But now…I want to.

It really is unacceptable to expect these wild, highly social, long living, free roaming, intelligent animals to live in confinement and perform the†preposterously screwy tricks that we love. Elephants in sequins and monkeys on unicycles. I mean, come on, really. It’s awful. My sentiments expressed,†my giddiness is still here.†

I remember loving the circus as a child. My parents took me all the way to Macon. It was great. I came home with a plastic cup, my first snow cone experience, and great memories. Now, I want to share that with Beatrice. So, what is a woman who values animal treatment and rights to do?

Southern Mamas is giving away tickets so I signed up right away in hopes of being the winner. As the winner, there is no question. I will HAVE to go, right?

“The idea that it is funny to see wild animals coerced into acting like clumsy humans, or thrilling to see powerful beasts reduced to cringing cowards by a whipcracking trainer is primitive and medieval. It stems from the old idea that we are superior to other species and have the right to hold dominion over them.”† óDr. Desmond Morris, anthropologist, animal behaviorist

While I ponder†the harsh travel conditions and lack of mental and physical stimulation of the stars of the circus vs. Beatrice’s possible enjoyment, you should skip over to Southern Mamas to win the contest for four passes for yourself. Anne is giving away two sets!

If you are interested in more information about circus animal live Click here to watch a video about elephant training; and, visit here†to†remind yourself why animals are not here for our entertainment. In the case you are thinking I am crazy for worrying so much, I am not alone. Sweden, Austria, Costa Rica, India, Finland, and Singapore have all banned or restricted the use of animals in entertainment.† If the U.S. would do the same I wouldn’t have to face this†dilemma.

*Photo Credits: Circus Elephants†Originally uploaded by Django