I am a Pisces Mother as I read this today. I think, it sounds just like me. 

Pisces as a Mother:  As a mother, a Piscean will spoil her children. She would be so sentimental and emotional that she would burst into tears if her child cries. Enforcing discipline to her children would be difficult. Being tidy and systematic may not seem important for her. She would fall in line with whatever direction their interests take her children which is excellent for a developing child.

In case you are wondering why in the world I came upon this information, I have been looking up the compatibility of a Pisces mother and Gemini son.  I don’t know if all the astrology stuff is true; however, it is entertaining to peruse the forcasts. Don’t you think?

So far, it looks like it is a good cosmic match. More, Brian’s birth sign is the ideal paternal match for a Gemini baby.

It’s the stars: life is going to be good. Hooray.