, Image 2 – Akihiro Furata Photographer via ABT


I hope you have a good weekend. Beatrice and I may be going here or here or we may just stay around the ‘boro. Brian is working again so we it will just be us girls. I am in search of something that maybe you can help with. I have been hunting someone who makes quilts or blankets out of old shirts. I would like a quilt similar to Sugar Britches Sorority T-Shirt Quilt made from Dad’s old shirts. Mom gave them to Brian but the arms are too short.  Of course, I can give them to Goodwill. However,  I can thing of lots of fun things to do with a blanket made from his shirts, fun things that he liked to do – snuggling under it on the couch while channel surfing, lining the back of the car for Barry, or laying on it at the pier for the St. Simons July 4th Fireworks.
I have called Colonial Quilts and been asking around, yet I haven’t found a single person. Do you know of anyone?