Some people collect stamps, others collect wine, still others pile up exes. I wish I could strap on Swatches — you know, the slightly retro, trendily-designed wrist ornaments of the 80s and 90s. Such a collection of icons would provide me with more time. I really, really need more time…an arm full of it, in fact.

I feel strapped with a to do list every day. There just simply is not enough time to get it all done. My hair. When can I get my hair done? Work out. This takes up so much of my day. Run Beatrice here and run her there all while tackling Brian’s errands and trying to keep the house modestly clean. A Yard Sale. A Play Group. A field trip. Oh, to appear so simple my life is overrun with needy characters vying for my time.

“Give me an armful of colorful Swatches,” I say.  I will show YOU time, the next time you ask.

Swatches are great because there is a design for every mood of the month, plus they are shockproof, water resistant, and have all the benefits of superior Swiss watch-making without breaking the bank. (And you wouldn’t believe what some of these go for at online auctions.)

Ahh, so many choices, so little time. My arm is ready for the new collection to shine. Bring on the Swatches. Bring on the time.