Whitaker West Hulsey
arrived by a surprise visit last Wednesday, April 15th. I know, I need to get some pictures posted especially for Aunt Peggy. I promise, promise, promise.  I just do not have the equipment here to do it and until today I have not really had much time to blog or even think about a computer.

He weighed 5.7 lbs upon arrival.

“He is a big preemie,” everyone keeps saying.

I do not know if he is big or not, he seems so tiny to his unprepared parents. Brian and I had been waiting. We were waiting on his work to slow to focus on the baby’s arrival. However, as we have learned birth doesn’t wait on our calender. He arrived on HIS schedule.

We are really excited. I admit it took a little while to feel “mommy-ish” this time. Yet, through the nursing and skin-to-skin sessions I feel much closer. I am very anxious to hold him in my arms in our room on our schedule with our family.

*Megan does have one picture posted of little Whitaker. It is from one of his first days here. It looks a little morbid. I couldn’t send it to anyone or post it myself. In fact, it really bothered me to look at it. But, if you want look click here while knowing that he looks 100 times healthier these days

*photo via flickr