bummis_white by might I add's photos.

I was curious about cloth diapering with Beatrice; however, I felt overwhelmed each time I embarked on the inauguration of this radical change.  More, a lot of people discourage cloth diapering.

“Listen, I have done both. Disposable diapers are worth it. There is no question about it. They are the way to go,” my Mom says.

Despite all the advice to stick to disposables, I want to at least give it a whirl. The cloth diapers are so cute, while they are good for the environment. Did you know it takes 75 YEARS FOR ONE DISPOSABLE DIAPER to decompose?  Whew, wee. Beatrice and I have our own mountain of trash piled some where! I am not committed to strictly cloth diapering. Rather, I am just curious. i want to see what all the fuss is about. It can not hurt anything to try because it is cheaper and more comfy, more soft, and more healthy. Every time that we try it we will be doing the world, and Whitaker a favor. Plus, it makes my milk drop just a bit to see cute baby bums in cloth diapers!

Brian and I bought the Bummis Cloth Diapering Kit. Bummis  is the brand recommended by Brighter Day and the Midwife Group. The starter kit was a bit pricey but it includes everything — even an instruction book. That is just what I need. I need all the parts. It has to be simple and easy for me ; or, I am not going to stick to this.

I am so excited that I can hardly wait until Whitaker West reaches 8lbs so that we can get wear our first Bummi.

*Photo from flickr