And then, they said “You can go home!”


So, we wheeled him down as chop-chop, super-sonic, presto, pronto and snappity-snap as two exhausted, delighted, hearty, parents could. This was after the successful completion of the Premature Infant CPR Class, the Car Seat Challenge, and a baby bathing class among other criteria.

Baby Whitaker slept the entire ride through the hospital.

Mama and Papa are so happy to board the car. We can’t wait!

Papa whirled the car around to the front of Memorial.

Then he carefully strapped his mini-me in the special preemie seat.

Alas, we were headed back to the ‘boro  with Papa in the front seat and Mama in the backseat beside the baby. Whitaker and his parents were happy to be one step closer to assembling their little  family.