If a girl could dream, then I would dream of black, knobby tires, state of the art suspension and the bold, sparkling personality of this jogging stoller.  It is for moms and dads that love the Great-Out-There. Bumpy sidewalks and beach sand are a breeze for this number. I would love to have this for Beatrice and Whitaker and Brian and I.  

There is hope.  BOB has a contest to win a stroller each month. I will have to see what the contest is for May.  With a lot of luck maybe I can score one on ebay or craigslist. 

None of these situations will probably happen; but, a Mama can dream. Right?

There are plenty of other jogging stollers that I like; however, if I could pick anyone I think this would be one of my first choice. It is my dream stroller!