Happy belated Mother’s Day. I hope yours was divine. Mine was terrific. Ironically, I had a huge, postpartum melt down  just the day before. Saturday was full of tears and hormones and silly-ness but when my sister and her family dropped in Sunday afternoon for an impromptu visit to Bulloch County things began to pick up.  We had lunch at my house with the whole Griner crew including Mom. It was nice.

Danielle also surprised us (re my earlier post we had to cancel because we were in the hospital).  She came by on her way back from her hubby’s MBA graduation from Auburn. I am totally impressed with her energy and enthusiasm, and of course her photography skills. The woman is less than two months from her due date. She still came by Statesboro on her way to Savannah from Auburn. Did I mention she had Carter and Reed with her (her two boys)? Wow. She is truly a woman. And, did I mention she is on vacation as she is in Savannah visiting her parents. She is really from Columbia. Totally impressive.

We finished up the evening visiting all the mama’s of Hulsey-ville where we had dinner with all of my in-laws. Yes, Whitaker and I went. I feel really guilty but we left Hulsey Headquarter’s here in town to head to the country.

 The day was great. Happy belated Mother’s Day!