A super mommy friend gave me one of these Wombfruit Baby Wrap by Rachel.  That is Rachel and one of her wraps in the photo.  I was so surprised and so excited.  Now, I just have to determine how to use it. I have tried but it does not feel very comfortable. Perhaps, it is Whitaker’s monitor or his small size that make it shaky. I am determined, though. I mean, a lot of people wear them so they must have mastered the technique. I can do it. Yes, I can. I do admit that he absolutely loves being in it. He falls asleep instantly. More, the doctors at Memorial recommended kangaroo care which includes baby wearing.

I will keep you posted in my puzzlement and mastery of this apparatus.

If you are interested in this accessory check out Rachel’s wraps on her blog. She’s a good doula, natural mother, and cloth diaper-er, too!