I apologize. No Happy Friday post. I am behind the ball today. It is not that I am not happy, it’s that I am awful tired. Whew. *wipe brow* AWFUL tired.† I developed a case of mastitis so†I have spent the day resting, drinking lots of water, and eating. I have been doing a lot of the latter. I have been eating lots of Jenny’s Paula Deen Gooy Bars. Oh my goodness, like the whole box. Yes, I am serious. I have solely taken out almost the whole container. I have also been eating lots of Melissa’s homemade (HOMEMADE) Cinnamon rolls and pimento cheese on HOMEMADE bread. Darn it. How will Weight Watchers EVER work?

Heather invited Beatrice over for the day as she picked her up at 8a. It’s been awesome. I miss her. Yes, I definitely pine for†little B†but it is heavenly to rest. I researched mastitis as Dr. Sears says, “if you have mastitis, you need to look at your lifestyle.” Oh, Dr. Sears. How right you are! I know. I know that I need more rest and that I need to focus on baby more – not bottle feed†and not skip pumping sessions. But dude, that is so freakin’ hard. Dr. Sear’s perhaps you should have a conference with my project-absorbed husband and my energetic two year old. Tell them. Please tell them that I NEED REST.

I have a busy weekend as I am looking after Sanford and Callie – who are like my favorite dogs ever – for Wendy. I am really excited about that. Plus, Uncle Granville, Aunt Peg and Grandmother are coming into town.

Rest. What rest? We Hulsey-nites do not rest.

Alright. Alllllriggggght. I won’t leave you hanging.

Here is a spooky little picture. I can’t decide if I am all for the wall sticker stuff yet. I like it but the vast choices seem overwhelming. Any-who, check out this Rob Ryan piece form†Domestic. I guess, other people aren’t like me. But, when I saw this I became¬†a little spooked. You?

The whole “ladder kiss” just doesn’t do it for me. I mean, with the thunder and lightening clouds. Maybe it is her son. Right. Sure. I get it. But, still. It’s just a little spooky.

Happy†Friday, ya’ll!