JUMBO paperclip bookmark pink whale fabric covered one inch button paperclip

What I am dipping into now is so hot and good. Admittedly, it is not for the irritable, nor the easily offended.

I am waiting on Lea to finish reading the Outlander’s, or Outliar’s, or Out Lyres something like that – so that I can get the skinny verdict before I spend money on a purchase or go to the trouble to borrowing it. In the mean time, I stumbled upon a book saturated with vivid word work, fun, and self recovery.

Straight Up and Dirty: A Memoir by Stephanie Klein is what I am reading now. It is such a good girl-read. It is honest, juicy, a bit raunchy and racy while it is amusingly capturing. It’s empowering. It makes Sex in the City look outmoded and so yesterday. It binges on debauchery and candid truth.  I recommend for any day of the week - yet I highly recommend it for a girls weekend or a beach read. Stephanie Klien truly “wrote” to me with this book (at least so far). I love it. I read it every time I nurse Whitaker…and I look forward to it. It is so good.

In the case you are wondering (you probably are not but…), included in Beatrice’s weekly reading is Read All About It by Laura and Jenna Bush. Next to Curious George it is her favorite find from the library trip we scored last week.  


*photo fromflickr *pink and green book mark found on Etsy