and loving every minute of it…

{via d sharp}

“ Marriage lets you annoy one special person for the rest of your life.”

And, Mr. Hulsey is my special person (lucky, lucky fellow).
He is away at a car show this weekend, hopefully enjoying himself while getting some relief from the wifey and kids.
Before you start feeling too sorry for the poor guy for having to put up with my annoying antics – I know, I know poor boy has to put up with me - let me tell you that he also gets to do a little “annoying” to a ut-hum very special person.

With projects that create dust like this… 


And, consume time like this…

I admit that he enjoys his projects. More, he is good with his handy ways. 

But, like the rest of us he does have his special person to annoy.  Pardon me, but, I am just sayin’.

Even though we some times annoy each other (he undoubtedly gets the brunt of it), I do love him, love him, love him. If I could do something like this and I had the time I would surely sew him a letter like I found on Jordan’s Blog. Since I can’t, he will have to do with this simple little blog post.