Packed her trunk and said goodbye by Canolais.

Our Trunk is Packed. We are going to the Beach.

We have had a good few days as we have been getting ready for Tygart trip to Amelia Island next month, had one of my favorite people in the world over for pizza, gone to storytime, and spent much time with Papa.

Whitaker weighed in at 10lbs at his check up yesterday. The weight gain made me so proud. Woot. Woot.  The Doctor recommended the moniter for another two months along with limited exposure to public places, children and germs.

We offered to stay home with Brian for a few days but he suggests that he can get more done in our absence.  By request, we are off to the islandas we were last Wednesday through Friday. I am a brave woman and an insane mother. It is a little challenging to have both of them without any support groups, spouse or friends or family. It is also challengeing to have them in a beach shamble – simple, fun, and interesting but definitely poses a few obstacles. I think I can. I think I can. The little train purged forward. Yes, I think I can. I think I can.

I took Barry last time, but I am going to leave little smell-so-great home this time.  I feel guilty already. There is barely room in the car which requires him to sit up front. The new stroller takes up the ENTIRE trunk. Barry scratches which makes the dog hair fly everywhere and his paw hit the shift. There was a time when none of the above would cause alarm. Now, it does. Plus, I should leave him behind to keep Brian company. There is just something wrong about leaving that old dog behind when we go to his absolute favorite place, the place where he was born, the place where he can run and swim and chase birds, the place where he used to could sleep in the bed and snuggle with mama, and catch opossums.

Our fingers are crossed that we are able to catch up with Amanda and Lilly, that we get to sleep, and that we get to go to the beach (labeled by Beatrice, the big swimmin’ pewwwwl).

Without further ado we are off to pack our trunk to go to the beach. I will meet you in the blogosphere when I get back.

Happy Summer. XOXO, Christy

photo via flickr