We are back! Brian joined us on the island for Father’s Day as we all drove back Monday in  time for Beatrice’s gymnastics group. It was a nice week except that I believe Whitaker had a growth spurt on Thursday and Friday, which is a fabulous thing and a tiring thing. I was up almost a full twenty four hours between nursing him and watching Beatrice. I found a terrific little store to make my coffee with all the “fixings” for 69 cents with a recycled cup. Woot. Woot. Bring on the simple dollar!

Father’s day was nice as I wish I would have come up with a project like this one from Tip JunkieInstead, I ordered a pair of Born Hammond Shoes which I thought he would really like. His wardrobe desperately needs some casual dress shoes. These came from REI which he loves. They just sort of look like him. I admit, I think I missed the mark on this one. I didn’t sense any overjoy. The “heart and sole” tag was cute but I guess shoes are just super personal. Photos and frame…so Father’s Day next year.

I got a little teary as I longed for my Dad on Father’s Day. Alright, a lot teary. I suspect that is expected. I know he is in another place but I am really selfish. I would like him right here with me in human form.

Speaking of Father’s Day presents, did I mention to you that Brian got me the stroller of my dreams for Mother’s Day this year? I think I forgot to tell you despite my desire to blog about it.  It is one of the most extravagant presents anyone has ever given me, well maybe not ever but in a long time.  It is so nice. I have used it every single day since Mother’s Day.

I think that is about it. Everyone keeps asking me about the heat and the challenge of mothering two small children alone. All I have to say is that when you are just a block from the beach life’s pretty good despite the temperature, the antics, and the adjustments to a new baby. There is something about the sound of crashing waves, the feel of gritty sand, the taste of salt that simply “do it” for me. St. Simons is what it takes for the medicine to go down for me.  It’s osmosis. It’s a contagious energy that threads through the environment and the people, in the limbs of trees, the dreads of moss, the hearts of people, and the life of people.  There is something about it that brings me closer to my spirituality and who I am as a person, a sister, a friend, a daughter, a mother.  I will sign off with this photo of a sunset in St. Simons.

Happy Tuesday. Christy

St Simons Island Sunset by Yer Photo Xpression.

photo from flickr