Our Monkey Foot Designs wet bag came in about a week ago. I love it! Supposedly, you stick the yucky diapers in the bag and the odor is eliminated. So far, so good. We are not exclusive as we are using both cloth and disposable about equally as much. The bag is so cute that it charged my waning interest in cloth diapers. More, it can be used for bathing suits, cosmetics, etc. in the case cloth diapers don’t work out for us. It isn’t like a boring ol’ diaper pail. This number is cuuuute.

I highly recommend Monkey Foot Design. She is as awesome as her fabric choices are funky. I had a few questions about cleaning the bag as I emailed her my query. She responded within a few hours. Awesome job Monkey Foot. If you want to see more of her designs visit her etsy store. It is a treat.

I am thankful for this girl and this girl and this girl for your cloth diapering inspiration. And, so are my kids and their kids for all the diapers (that require 500 years to decompose) we are saving from the land fill. And, so is Baby Whitaker who reaps the health benefits. And, so is my husband who shares my budget with me. 

While I am at the thank you’s – thank you for all of your support. Please leave any words of cloth diapering wisdom or encouragement or commentary. Thanks. Happy week.