Shhh…we are trying to get some sleep around here. If all goes well, we will have a better rest schedule by next week. The doctor confirmed that Whitaker’s restlessness is unnecessary and an indication that the Zantac is not working. We started Prevacid today in hopes that it will ease the pain. Apparently, the actual spit-up associated with reflux will not be removed. Pooy. But, with the pain eased he will be able to sleep more heavily and for longer periods of time  and not be so fussy. Currently, he is always hungry. He is constantly eating while not sleeping very well.

We are happy that he will feel better…and that we will get more snoozy.


Laura Resen via Decorology

Laura Resen via mary ruffle

This image looks so inviting. I can not help but include it as I dream of the restoration, relaxation, and slumber that we hope our new prescription brings (okay, so it won’t bring this much tranquility but a girl can dream).