Cupcake Planter Tutorial by whimsylove.

Happy Thursday. I love this photo of these whimsical cupcake planters.

What do you think: are they cute or what?
Aside from wowing you with the picture of the dainty, colorful terra cotta wonders, I have to tell you about my life in the Hulsey hood.  Well, to tell you the truth, I am free, free, free, free fallin’.  Our boy is sleeping. 


Ahhh, yeah.  At least a little. Five hours last night to be precise. All the bad boys are hiding in the shadows. And, I am freeeee. Now I am free fallin’.  That is one of the longest spans of slumber I have had in over three months. I want to ride it. I want to ride this wave as far as I can. Even with the side effects the Prevacid is the answer to the happiness of our baby. Now, I am free fallin’.  Oh, he is so yummy. Mama is happily surprised by the mood-elevation-magic of a little slumber.

Here he is living it up while Beatrice played in the back yard.


I really can not explain how liberating and wonderful it is to have our little man feeling a little better.  Thank you Bulloch Pediatrics for helping find easement to Whitaker’s reflux. And, thanks to my girlfriends and family for supporting me these last few months, the long days of living in Hulseyville.  Man, oh man, this has been a ride. But, now we’re free fallin’, freeeee fallin’. Bring on the weekend. Bring on the world, the outdoors, the public places, the smiles, the laughter. He’s a good boy loves his mama, loves jesus, and America, too.

Even Barry White is excited.


Beatrice can’t hold back her excitement either.

Oh, about those super cute cupcake planters in the image at the top – if you would like to make them here is a tutorial. I hope looking at them makes  you smile as much as it made me. I hope it kicks your Thursday into first gear so that Friday can be jump started. And, here’s a link to the best rendition of Free Fallin’ that you have ever heard. It’s from my super fave, John Mayer.