Umbrellas by kingandprince1.

This is where I spent most fourth of July weekends up until high school and pre-marriage. It’s right down from the K&P Access on St. Simons Island. There’s really nothing glamorous about this place, but it is so memory-inducing for me. St. Simons was our beach! I love this photo. We were either under one of the umbrella’s or near them.
When I was very small there were steps in front of the resort down to the beach. Erosion destroyed the steps.  Now it is just a bunch of boulders.


Strother Hardware by jennifergeorge.

Here’s another nostalgic photo that reminds of the week at the island on the Fourth of July.  I remember always going in Strother’s Hardware in the  Village. It was one of the few stores there. It was down from the dime store and Dressner’s Cafe and across from Clifton’s Ice Cream (which is where Barbara Jean’s is now). Dad and Mom always had some sort of project like painting the exterior, or building a deck, repairing the floor. It seemed he would visit Strother’s daily to shop for materials and find new dreams for fixing up the place.

umbrella photo via King and Prince
strother’s photo from jennifer george
Happy Fourth Everyone! I’m staying in Statesboro for the Firecracker Festival.
Kinda different from St. Simons, but fun all the same.