R.I.P our little beloved camera.

We bought our camera from Amy after she loaned it to us to use in France.

When I met Brian he was saving his money to go to photography school in California. The shutterbug wanted to become a professional camera artist. I admit he would have (and still would for that matter) be good at it. He has photographed several weddings at the the bride’s request. When he wants to, he can really take amazing photos.

Brian became attatched to the camera on the trip. In fact, I think he fell in love with it so I scraped up all my pennies to buy it for him for our anniversary. Since then we have used it almost every day. I have even considered taking some classes so that I can take better pictures of our little home and family.

Alright, so the bottom line is: I left the stroller outside with the camera in the stroller. It rained. And, you guessed it. The camera is soaked. We are headed to Amelia Island next week as we planned to have it there. Thanks to me we will be camera-less.

Oh, little camera dearest. I miss you already even though I stink at turning your dials,  commanding your buttons, and using you with expertise.

Can a Fuji be flat lined? If not, how should you decide on a new model. I checked out Rachel Henderson’s suggestions. I have emailed the Hulsey girls over at Larita & Co. Any ideas?

From my research, I have come across a highly recommended DVD series:



Maybe I will invest in the dvd’s when I ever get a new camera. Our fingers are crossed as the little old camera is in our prayers. Please resurrect yourself little black art maker.