my orange le crueset dutch oven by amykatherine.

Today I am in love withLe Creuset enameled cast iron pots. Even though they come in yellow, green, red, white, orange, red, black, cobalt, and even kiwi, it isn’t just the color that warrants a post. It’s the good-for-you factor, too. Isn’t it the best for the environment and the best for you? I do not know. I am asking.

And, isn’t there a link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s? Maybe that is a hoax. I have no idea.

Don’t worry. I have not drifted over the deep end. In fact, I only have one cast iron item in my cupboard. I am not drastically discarding my cookware.

The truth is, though, if I could have a dream wardrobe of my favorite basins, buckets, and crocks, I would be decked with cast iron – specifically La Creuset in all shapes, sizes, and casts. My canteen would shine with fresh charms of fry pans, skillets, and dutch ovens. In the mean time, I am going to gradually make an effort to introduce more cast iron into my cook room – whether it is a specific brand or enameled, or not.  

so today I love La Creuset.

*photo uploaded by Amy Catherine