Today I absolutely, positively am digging this red and black hat that is handmade and delivered in person with love from Mollie Wollie. Striped in God’s colors (the colors of the dawgs) it arrives just in time for the Georgia Football season!

I am one of those people who brakes for homemade gifts. So, I really like this. It’s better than all the etsy ones that I was lusting over a few months ago.

I think this will be perfect for a chilly UGA night game. Don’t you? 

To add to my excitement, I think little Whit has made his modeling debut on Mollie’s knitting website. I am very honored!  I knew my boy was handsome.   Speaking of knitted hats, Mollie, and Whitaker, I think that these three have actually already made another blog. That is right, isn’t it? Let me look and see. Yes, in fact, they did. Mollie’s work and Baby W made Danielle’s blog several months ago!