The little ballerina says, “cheeee.” Dancing started today.  A (giant) storm rolled in as we were loading the car so we had to take quick photos in the driveway. I only got a few but here they are:



I felt guilty for leaving her at the studio because they come and escort her from the car. It just felt like I should walk her in. Hold her hand…or something.  I worried the entire hour – certain that she was balling with hysteria. I am not a nervous nelly kind of mother but today was different.  Seriously, I really felt like I was stalking the place because I rode by so many times. “Shay will call me if everythig isn’t okay,” I kept reminding myself. My phone never rang and the first thing that Mrs. Shay said was: she did great! I felt relieved and sad and happy and sure — all at the same time.

For all the girls (especially Allison and Amanda): does this bring back memories, or what?