Mom, Amanda, Whitaker, Amanda’s friend Kim and I met in Savannah for Amanda’s Birthday. We ate a late lunch just off of Troupe Square at the  Firefly Cafe, which we topped off with a treat from Leopold’s Ice Cream. It was all superfabulous.

Ordering the Mediterranean Tofu sandwhich with a house salad and the Firefly’s  famous corn chowder (firefly style, which means the soup has cheese and sourcream!!!), was a very scrumptious decision. I love this little restaurant so I was happy when Amanda’s chose it as our destination. Woot-Wew for the Firefly Cafe. I was even more elated when she suggested we go for desert at Leopold’s.  I have alway’s wanted to taste the treats at Leopold’s. The ice cream float I ordered was just as delicious as I can imagine. I dreamt the famous parlor was more luxurious, complicated, and artsy as I was surprised by it’s simplicity.

It rained a brilliant storm while we were there.

I missed Dad a little on this day.

Happy 29th Birthday, little sister. I love you!

*Photo by Kim Dixon (and yes, this is the same Kim that was with us. she took this creative picture while we were there!)