Brian went to his first FastTrac course this morning. It is the same class that I took several years ago through the SBDC; yet, I am certain it is better. I was a member of one of the first classes. I am sure the logistics, material, and organization have improved. Today’s class speakers included Carla Lee (!!!!) from Spanky’s. The exclamation marks are because Carla is so super awesome. She was in my Rotary club down at St. Simons. More, she graduated from my alma mater. She is a Southeast Bulloch Yellow Jacket! I think she was in Mom’s Y-Club years ago. Yes, Amanda, it is THE Carla Lee! The mention of her name brings back memories of walking by that condo on our exercise trips…or late night drives down that tiny street.

Anyway, Brian said she was a terrific speaker. He added that  the class is going to help streamline red b power in preparation for business growth. Way to go red b!