Happy Trash Can by lydiafairy.I


While Beatrice was at ballet class, Whitaker and I performed a very important errand. We went to have the monitor disk downloaded to be sent to an office in Savannah for decoding. Upon decoding the doctor will review the data.

We have a Whoop-Whoop-Happy-Dance in store.  We have been practicing. We are ready. The spunky mommy-baby duet is in the foreground as we hope and pray and believe that the days of listening to beeps, fastening velcro around the chest, alarms, ambulances, cpr, and constant blinking lights is headed for cessation. All gone. Buh bye. It is almost over. We hope we can throw these tasks in the trash can as we embark on life as normal, life without the apnea monitor.  In the trash baby. In the traaaash. TrahhhSHAY.

Keep your fingers crossed for us and keep us in your prayers. We are ready to trash it; and, smile about it.

*photo from flickr