Well, remember how our camera was on the blink? I thought it mended. To my sadness, it is honestly, really biting the dust. I have been on hiatus from my blog for a long time. But you know, I miss blogging. I miss taking all the pictures and sharing them with my friends and family. I enjoy Facebook. Yet, I find it a little nosy-rosy, a little gossipy and loud. More, I find myself involved in people’s lives that I wouldn’t ordinarily would not. I peruse Facebook. Then, all of the sudden I am checking out someone’s cousins best friend from ten years ago’s photo album. Or, worried about what someone had for breakfast. Somehow, I let Facebook consume me.  Anyway, I scored a little bloggy time tonight (which I haven’t had much of lately).  While visiting my favorite blogs I realized that I miss telling the story of US. Our little Hulsey Story. The Story of Brian, Christy, Barry, Beatrice, and Whitaker. I plan to see what I can do about the camera debacle, while I will be praying for more personal time to blog, more time to weave the days of our little lives into a blog that we can remember, look back on and enjoy.

Happy Day!

Oh, and on another note. I stumbled upon this picture while I was playing on the internet. It’s Whitaker. I love it. According to the copy, she must have been reading my mind. Thanks Kim!