Holly has organized a team for the Alzheimer’s Association’s 2009  Statesboro Memory Walk in honor of Dad. I am so thankful that she did this again this year. It is such a committment of time, effort and love. I am humbled by her friendship and efforts. Thank you so much, Holly!!!

I can’t help but be just a little down as the anniversary of his death encroaches. I miss him so MUCH. Yet, it is nice to channel the energy into a positive effort to find a cure for a disease that runs in my family and in Brian’s. It makes me feel a wee bit triumphant against the disease that took Dad from us so early.

Admittedly, I am the world’s worst fundraiser. I will need your thoughts, creativity, support, advice and love to finish the task of being a member of this team. I am attempting to log my efforts toward the team on this blog for the next eighteen days. The walk is on October 24th.

To initiate my committment to walking, I (FINALLY) completed my page on the team’s website. Personalizing the page with a photo and a cut/paste of a  PSA from last spring, I am ready to begin collection money via the website. You can see the page, here.

mm…what do you think? Upon review. I think the page is a little too dreary while the copy is too long. I am going to try to revamp it to make it more cheerful and bright. I believe that Dad would honestly want us to me happy. I think he would want my energy to be focused on celebrating his life and his transition into the afterlife.

**The photo is of Holly and Beatrice at last year’s walk. : )