Beatrice and I left the boys at home last Sunday afternoon to go to Nutcracker Practice and to Evermore Farms to see Ginny and Ansley.

I haven’t seen Ginny or Ansley years. Amanda and I used to adore Ansley. We used to have her over for play dates at the Beach House. Remember, Boo? We had a mastiff named Raymond. Wow. That was soooo long ago. We used to push Ansley to the beach and back in a little red wheel barrow.

Ginny and Ansley are also close to Barry White’s heart. He lived with them for a stint while Brian and I traveled around the country. 

I couldn’t resist the chance to introduce Ginny and Ansley to Beatrice since they were in town for a horse show. 

I can’t believe how grown up and beautiful Ansley is!!!  It is so hard to believe that she has grown so quickly. Ansley is just as pretty now as she was back then. 

B loved everything about the horse show — all the girls, the ribbons, the trophy’s, the horses, the dirt, the excitement and Ansley! Did I mention that Ansley got a fourth place ribbon?!?!

It was a busy and fun, sunny afternoon. The only thing missing was Amanda and Lilly who were sick (…with what we later learned was walking pneumonia).