Speaking of Valentine’s Day, did I mention that I think this year’s is among the best ever. Well, except the one where Brian proposed. That is tops, totally. But, this year my old man did so great. He gave me potted red tulips. They weren’t “floristy” ones, either. They were garden types in a pot with soil and roots. So, he gave me the best flowers ever in a pot that HE tied a red gingham ribbon around and topped with  a very heartfelt card. He said the red gingham bow just looked like me (…I am guessing that is because of all the red gingham-ry he has seen due to the Wizard of Oz fascination and upcoming birthday party). Perfeito. I loved every minute of our Valentine’s Day this year. I gave him an oversized Hallmark  card from the family. It was a Wizard of Oz theme. Considering Beatrice’s obsession with the Wizard of Oz and her enthusiasm of the large card with all the characters (…seriously, her eyes were as big as saucers), this card was SO perfect. Beatrice and I decorated the huge envelope and we shared our presents over breakfast. Beatrice got a tiny box of chocolates from Papa, and a book from Mama while Whitaker scored a whole bunch of lovin’, a homemade cookie and a card from Tana.  It was a delicious morning around our house in more ways than one.

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