I have finally uploaded pictures to flickr in a gallery titled Over the Rainbow. I think it is sooo nice that someone thought to take pictures during the party because the Wicked Witch *me* did not have the time or thought to snap photos of everything. More, the camera battery was dead when Brian grabbed our photo taker. I can not take credit for the photos as they are a combination of Lauren, Abbigail, and Heather’s work.
The gallery is unfinished as I have not completed descriptions and tags. Ahhh…where does the time go to do these things?? None the less, the photos are up!

This party was so much bigger than we planned. And, so much more fun. Two weeks later, Beatrice is STILL talking about her Dorothy Party. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Thanks to my sister, my husband and all my wonderful friends and family for making this Over the Rainbow party so special for my favorite Dorothy Gale and Munchkin. Scarecrows, Tinmen, Toto’s, Lions, Yellow Brick’s, Cyclones and Glinda’s young and old came from near and far (thanks Alli and Chandler for the drive from Atlanta, Amanda from Brunswick, and GG from Nashville!!!).  It is a day that we will live in infamy around our house. It was special because of everyone’s love and effort. It truely is magical. It was wonderful!!!!

Oh, and that extra special Happy Cake from Stephanie. It was amazing.

Love and lots of hugs to everyone. Thank you SO much!