I stumbled upon this pizza at Be Different…Act Normal made from Rice Krispies, jam, frosting, fruit rollups (and even seen some with green sprinkles to look like herbs). It reminds me of my sweet baby sister.

She made these Yellow Brick Road Rice Krispy Treats for Beatrice’s Wizard of Oz Birthday Party


I think these special treats are so creative.  I didn’t know Rice Krispy Treats are so versatile. Who knew?

Boo *aka my sister*, I think you should consider becoming a Rice Krispy Treatanista. I can see you in one of those cute ETSY aprons and the Athropologie measuring spoons you like. You would make the cutest Rice Krispy Treatanista ever.

 Snap. Crackle. Pop. BOO!

 You can get the recipe for the Rice Krispy Pizza HERE.